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Digital Stabilizers

“In stabilization, speed is the key. You must stop roll before it starts otherwise you end up fighting the vessel’s momentum as well as the forces of the sea, and that’s a losing battle. The lightning fast reaction time of the TRAC processor is key to its premium performance.”

Stabilization at Rest

TRACStar – Stabilization at Rest significantly reduces vessel roll while anchored, on a mooring, or while drifting. STAR is a feature that can be added to most existing TRAC stabilizers and is available as an option on all new TRAC stabilizers.

Hydraulic Thrusters

TRAC Hydraulic Thrusters the hardest pushing thrusters. TRAC Thrusters deliver more thrust per horsepower than any other thruster available. TRAC’s twin counter-rotating propellers are more efficient and can reach higher horsepower than single prop thrusters.

AC Thrusters

Thrusters in the range 25 to 200 hp may be configured for AC motor drive. The thruster motor is controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to enable variable thruster speed and also to limit motor starting inrush current.

24v DC Electric Thrusters

TRAC 24v DC Electric Thrusters push harder and last longer without overheating. Utilizing the same gearbox as the TRAC hydraulic thrusters, the TRAC 24v DC electric thrusters provide years of reliable service. Available in 8, 10, 12 hp.

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