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With 20 years of dedication in the marine distribution industry, our professional team of engineers and salespeople established Asia Marine Equipment Corp. in 2012 to continually provide efficient solutions to our customers. Our headquarters is located in Kaohsiung Taiwan with offices in Zhuhai and Xiamen China.

AME represents 9 marine equipment providers in China and Taiwan. We’re committed to high-quality products and instant services. In the past 20 years, our team has cooperated with over 50 shipyards in our territory. Among them are prestigious boat builders such as Horizon Group (Horizon), Ta Shing and South Coast (Nordhavn), Kha Shing (Monte Fino), Tung Hwa (Fleming), Jet Tern (Selene). Supported by knowledgeable technical staff and suppliers, we have built up good relationships with our customers and gained a good reputation. AME is also a market leader in the distribution of marine thrusters and stabilizers, with over 90 percent coverage in China and Taiwan.

AME is committed to being a reliable business partner with our suppliers and customers. We recognize the importance of reputation in this industry and operate with an emphasis on service, ingenuity, and ethical business practices. Our goal is to achieve continuous improvement in customer satisfaction. We will do this through the relentless pursuit of customer service and communication excellence.